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At MySehat, we extend a comprehensive range of medical tests such as Basic Diabetic Profile, Basic Lipid Profile, Thyroid profile, Cholesterol Profile, Vitamin B12 test, Kidney Function, Liver Function, and CBC (Complete Blood Count). Customers also have the option of blood test online booking. Fix slot for blood test online in Ghaziabad effortlessly. 

The Pathology lab in Indirapuram offers world-class services including full body checkup in Ghaziabad. So you need not waste time in the walk-in appointment because the lab test online consultation in Ghaziabad helps you do it at the comfort of your home.

Why Book Lab test with us?

MySehat shares a network with verified partners. We follow safety protocols with cautious sample handling and partnership with certified NABL labs. Introductory discounts on a selected range of tests and packages are extended by us.

What are the inclusions of a Full Body Check-up?

Test Related to Heart – ECG, and EKG

Dental Consultation and ENT Check-up

Mineral Salts

Blood Tests such as sugar, Thyroid, lipid and Kidney function test



Urine Test

Pulmonary Test

Cancer Test

Liver Functioning Test

Why do you need Health Check-up?

The sedentary lifestyle of young professionals is the major reason behind various health issues at an early age. It is common to see people in their late 20s or early 30s suffering from back, neck, or shoulder pain. This is due to the inactive lifestyle that confines them to their work desk. That’s not all, people take health for granted.

The importance of taking good care of health can’t be emphasized enough. We neglect our health with the hope that the pain goes away with time, however, it actually escalates with time. Hence, it is important to get a regular health check-up done. A full-body check-up gives you a heads up on the current condition of the body. MySehat strives to make the procedure of health checkups, lab tests, online pharmacy, and doctor consultation easy for you. Get your health check-up done today, by certified labs and get the report delivered to you at your home. 

Frequently asked questions

A. It is necessary to check whether your body is healthy or not. For that, you need to run a complete body health check-up. Conducting the tests help one find disease or underlying conditions, if there are any. With timely diagnosis, you can treat that problem and can lead a healthy life.
A. As the name suggests, the complete body check-up means conducting tests on the entire body to understand your body’s condition. Understanding your body will help you improvising the health.
A. Yes. We understand how beneficial health check-ups are, especially for those who are 40 years old or above. People of high age are susceptible to many diseases, and it is important to conduct health check-up tests.

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