Why go to a Doctor, when you can Virtually Consult!

Virtual Consultation or Online Medical Consultation is a method to bridge the barrier of distance by virtually connecting patients with specialist doctors. Telemedicine apps and platforms are the media for consultation and have become an important medium to connect to doctors while we are safe at our place. If you too are looking for online consultation with a doctor in India then your hunt is over because the best online doctor consultation app helps you connect to top doctors in Ghaziabad. Experience the best tele-consultation with a doctor without any waiting.   

In the modern world of at-home service, we bring forth the convenience of at-home, virtual consultation. MySehat offers one-time membership and lifetime consultation at a reasonable cost. Patients are offered a chance to get connected to the best general physicians in Ghaziabad You can now connect with specialist Doctors from top Hospitals online on Private Chat & Call with ease and comfort.

Book world class tele-doctor consultation services and get in touch with  online consultation with doctors in Noida.

How virtual consultation works?

Why Choose MySehat for Tele Consultation?

Private Online Consultation with doctors for any health concern

Cough & Cold

Gastric Problem

Sore Throat

Cold Sores

Constipation & Diarrhea

Muscle Aches

Skin Irritation & Rashes

Heel Pain


Conjunctivitis without Visual Disturbances

Headache & Migraine

Eyelid Problems

Urinary Tract Infections


Menstrual Issues

Frequently asked questions

A. All you have to do is fill up your details and someone from our staff will call up for booking an appointment with a doctor. We will provide a list of top doctors and recognized hospitals that you can choose from as per your preference.
A. During Pandemic or curfews, or any other natural event, Tele/video consultation is quick, safe, and ideal way to consult a doctor.
A. There is no doubt that Tele/Video Consultation is effective as the doctor will be assisting you and will understand your medical situation. The Doctor will diagnose your problems, and will suggest you whether or not the problem that you are dealing with can be treated online and if there is a need of physical consultation.
A. Feel free to book an appointment overseas, all you want is a laptop or smartphone with internet connectivity.
A. It depends on the patient’s condition and the doctor. Usually it does not take much time.

App is available for free on Google Play & App Store