15 Jan
Safety Measures for Omicron, the new variant of Coronavirus, has left the world scared once again. The variant, first detected in Botswana, Africa, has now reached 40 countries, including India. Covid19, a virus that spreads rapidly from one individual to another, attacks many lives and is getting stronger every day. The arrival of this danger has brought about unprecedented changes and changes. The concept of working from home reduces access to shopping malls and amusement parks by 50%, and only vaccinated people are allowed to use public transport and other services.

What is Omicron Virus?

Omicron, a variant of Coronavirus, is now taking shape and is affecting the populations in most of the countries. While many countries are stepping down to lockdown and other measures to tackle the erupting situation, many have already posed certain pandemic rules to be followed by every citizen.

The Omicron variant of COVID-19 has been termed a variant of concern by WHO that says that it has several mutations that may impact its behavior. 

Omicron Virus Symptoms:

  • Muscle Ache
  • Scratchy Throat
  • Fatigue
  • Night Sweats
  • Headache

Omicron, despite being a deadly virus, can be fought provided we follow some rules and stick to the basics of safety amid the ongoing pandemic.

While experts are still trying to unravel the true nature of this superfast spreading virus, here are a few things that you must keep in mind stepping outside your house:

  • Wash your hands with a disinfectant.

Before you step out, ensure to wash your hands with a good disinfectant soap. Dettol or Savlon or brands alike are well known to provide maximum safety for hours. Make sure that your hands are clean enough.

  • Wear a good quality Face Mask.

Isn’t that the need for an hour? Our life these days is predominated by sanitizers and face masks. Well, amidst the perils, these are the only best friends that we can count upon. 

Never forget to cover your face with a good quality mask that provides sufficient air passage while barricading external radicals to enter inside your mouth. Also, carry a pair of extra face masks for emergencies.

  • Use of Sanitizers.

As aforesaid, sanitizers are one of the most trustworthy these days. Ensure to sanitize your hands, knees, and feet before stepping out. Always carry a bottle of sweet-smelling sanitizer and keep sanitizing your hands whenever you tend to touch external things that aren’t protected. 

  • Wear loose, comfortable, and long-sleeved apparel.

Make sure that your outfit covers the maximum parts of your body. A long sleeves top and comfortable pants are the most preferred. As you protect your body, the chances of the virus attacking you curbs down. 

  • Keep a cotton fabric handy.

Do not forget to place some cotton wipes or a piece of cotton fabric in your bag. Use them to clean your face, sweat, or dry hands. A piece of clean cloth is a must to ensure that you remain clean and wiped throughout the day!

  • Avoid close contact.

Avoid close contact with anyone throughout the day. Ensure that you have a safe distance from people, especially in crowded places like parks, malls, or streets. The more you stay away, the closer and secure you and your loved ones remain. 

  • Get Vaccinated.

Getting your vaccination dose is one of the best health tips to stay protected and avoid catching the virus. The doses boost your immune system and hence, reduce the risk of catching the new variants.

  • Avoid meetings in closed spaces.

Do not gather in closed or poorly ventilated spaces as there can be a high chance of transmitting the virus when people are in close contact without major social distancing. 

  • Step out only for the essentials.

Always remember, your life is more important than temporary joy. Therefore, before stepping out for merely any reason, ask yourself is this important? If things can be done from the comfort of your home, then why not stay home? Only head out when the situation demands. 

  • Do not consume street food.

Wandering by the streets, we’re often lured by the delectable street food items and instantly hop on to consuming them. However, hygiene and quality do matter. So before you begin devouring your favorite food, make sure the vendor is wearing gloves and hygienically preparing the items.

  • Check travel guidelines before planning a trip.

Omicron has once again forced state governments to introduce new travel guidelines for both domestic and international travelers. Several states/UTs have made the PCR negative test report mandatory for domestic travelers who don’t carry certificates of both doses of vaccination. Quarantine rules also vary from state to state, so it’s important to know the COVID-related guidelines of the destination.

Always remember, the more safety you take, the safer people around you become!


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