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MySehat Immune Check Package

This Package screen all immune system

No. of Test: 62
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Blood, Urine
10-12 Hour fasting required
Upto 24Hour

Blood Anylysis : Precautionary test to know infection, or cell counts.

Complete Blood Count

Sugar Level : Hingh Sugar Level and HbA1c could lead to risk of a viral infection. 

Glucose (F), HbA1c

Infection : Increase level of ESR and Ferritin are risk factors of infection. 

Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate, Ferritin

Heart Disease : Lipid Profile and CRP tests performed to check any heart disease which is a risk factor in viral infection.

Lipid Profile, CRP

Kidney : Abnormality in Kidney Functions could weaken the immune system to fight the infection.

Kidney Function Test

Liver : An Irregular Liver Function could becomes a risk factor in viral infection.

Liver Function Test

Electrolytes : Any Fever or underlying infection derails our electrolytes.

Sodium, Postassium, Chloride

Immunity : Low Level of Vitamin D increases the risk of infection. Deficiency of iron weakens the immunity. Immunoglobulin E(IgE) test is for Allergy Screening. Allergy can risk the level of Immunoglobulin E(Ige).

Vitamin D, Iron, Total IgE